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Mass Effecr 3 - 2013 comp

Event Commences:

22nd March 2013

Event Concludes:

12th of May 2013

What You Need to Know:

General Info

Fight as One

Round 2 - Birds of a Feather, open until Midnight, Sunday May the 12th

Mass Effect 3's coop is good - seriously good - and so at GG we've decided to run a coop leaderboard-based comp to celebrate it. Round two invites you to grab a partner of the same race and head to Firebase White and give those reapers what-for! New to Mass Effect? Then check out our info links below the tourney info.

  • Round 2 structure/rules
    • Two Player Challenge
    • Level: SILVER
    • Enemy: REAPERS
    • Map: Firebase White
    • Characters: Any two characters of the same race, no class restrictions - note N7s can only partner up with other N7s
    • Weapons: any/all
    • Weapon mods: any/all
    • Equipment/Gear: any/all
    • There will be prizes (see the comp details thread for deets)
    • Scoring will be Score will be based on squad score plus earned credits
    • Post your results and screenshots here
    • Full details on the round are in this thread
    • Full details on the comp are in this thread


Mass Effect 3 Info

Coop on Mass Effect 3 has some serious depth - want to know how to best do a solo Gold run? Maximise your build to take on the Collectors? Follow the handy links below: