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About Us

Bringing the community together with competitions, events and news

Welcome to Good Game Australia & New Zealand (GG). At GG we're all about bringing the ANZ gaming community together, by being a community hub rather than a separate community. Good Game Australia & New Zealand is an entry point for new gamers into ANZ online gaming and ANZ online gaming communities, and a place for old hands to easily find what's going on across the major sites. GG is a place for competitive and social online events, and a source for reviews, gaming news and feature articles on community developments.

With this broad approach, GG caters to a wide range of gamers - whether you're hardcore or casual, on your first gaming system or been at it since the days of the Nintendo Game & Watch, prefer single player or online action, there's something for you at Good Game Australia & New Zealand.

And by something, we mean a bit of everything. Serious online gaming events to entry-level competitions and community gaming nights, to reviews, feature articles, active forums and links to everything going on around the ANZ gaming scene.

The GG Site/Community Covers:
  • Unique online gaming competitions and events -
    see the Events tab in the nav menu.
  • Regularly updated news, keeping you up-to-date with the latest from the gaming world.
  • Feature articles discussing gaming in-depth (for example, looking at upcoming games, or specific game features like CoD Clan Challenges).
  • Guides and tips - want to know how to get your
    PS3 in a DMZ? How to set up a website? We've got guides to help.
  • Info on the broader ANZ gaming scene.
  • An active and engaging forum community, where we maintain a respectful environment for all members.
  • Game reviews by staff and the community.

Combined, the staff at GG have over 200 years of gaming experience!

If all of this sounds like something you could get into, then introduce yourself in the forum, check out the latest news, get involved in one of our events and sign up for SITREP, we'd love to have you make Good Game Australia & New Zealand part of your ANZ online gaming experience.

Mission Statement

Our core values and goals

    • To provide an open & welcoming, tolerant and respectful community hub with a wealth of up-to-date Au/NZ-centric news & events.
    • Maintain GG as a site for all gamers and (while it's got a PS3 focus) all platforms. Different types of gamers, and gamers on different platforms, are not lesser creatures.
    • Maintain GG as a not-for-profit or personal gain venture.
    • All proceeds made by GG go back into the community - be that better services via the website or through prizes for free to enter, non-exclusive events.
    • To bring the broader gaming community together, and bring new gamers to the broader gaming community. Where possible, GG is to work with other sites to enrich the community as a whole, promoting events both from GG and other ANZ sites. This includes generally (but not always) running events that are distinctly different from those offered at other sites (either in rulesets, community vibe/lack of entry fees, or just different games altogether).