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The main gateway to our website's features

Listed below, we’ll run you through what’s where and what’s what in accordance the main navigation of our site so you can get familiar and comfortable and never feel lost when you visit here.


The central hub of our site

Featured Article and Events

A selection of write-ups or happenings on Good Game Australia & New Zealand hand picked by the team.

Secondary Article and Events

Much like the above mentioned but just because they’re secondary doesn’t mean that they’re not as important.

Match, Tourney and Event News

All current news regarding ongoing matches, tournaments and events.

Upcoming Events Banners

We’ll be progressively updating this as new tournaments and events arise, so be sure to keep a look out and register.

Gaming News

A blog style feed of all the gaming news happening around the world.

Trailer Fix

As soon as we hear of a newly released trailer we’ll having it rolling through here in no time.

Helpful Guides

Quick or alternate access to our guides. Be sure to check on them as we add more to help you out in the world of gaming.


Quick insight into what’s being discussed in our forums.
Be sure to check out page specific feeds eg. If you’re on the Events page, there will be Events feeds and anything associated to keep track on.


The heart of our site. The place that keeps the engine ticking

Good Game HQ

For the latest announcements and upcoming events, to introduce yourself, or to report any glitches and request help from staff and
the community.

Tournaments & Events

Want to check up on the latest gaming nights, tourneys or set up
a friendly or co-op match with a
clan or your buddies? Have no fear, the Tournaments & Events thread
is here!


Whatever games are upcoming or hot at the time, make sure to check out what’s in everyones talking about in our Games section.

Off-Topic Discussions

We’re not just interested in gaming. If you want to chat about anything non-gaming related, a great tv or movie you’d seen or just a big sports head, discuss here.

Forum Tips

Like This

We’re all about the community here so make sure to like posts being made by people and perhaps if you write something good, people will like you too.

Follow this Topic

Interested in a topic or involved in an event and want instant updates of the discussion sent to your registered email account? Click this button.

Member Hovers

Hover over a member for long enough and you’ll get a pop up window. It’s a quick way to find what content someone has posted or send them a message.


Our insight into the world of gaming


Read the reviews, first impressions and quick looks from our dedicated content team.

Feature Articles

Detailed info and discussions of all things gaming, from upcoming games to trends in the community or announcements of new events.

Gaming News

The latest from the gaming industry - gaming announcements, new trailers, PSN store updates and anything else newsworthy.

Guides & Tips

Helpful knowledge based gaming information specifically aimed at the newcomers into the competitive scene. Be on the lookout for updates as we expand.


Your one-stop shop for all the vids the GG community reckon are worth watching. Watch others' vids or add your own.


Keep track of all the community events and competitions happening on our site

General Rules

These are GG's competitive rules. #1 is to treat your opposition with respect, but it's important to know them all - find them here.

Match, Tourney & Event News

Keep track of what’s happening with updated feeds on the fly.

Hall of Fame

This’ll be made up of the stuff of legends. Winners and participants of our events will be recorded here. Have you got what it takes to get the #1 ranking?

Tournament/Event (Name)

Quick access to current tournament ladders and progression for your clan to keep track on.


Your one-stop source for all the news from the ANZ Gaming Scene

SITREP is Good Game Australia & New Zealand’s newsletter covering tourneys and events across the ANZ Gaming Scene. Sign up to SITREP to stay in the know.

Social Media

The three main social sites to keep track and watch us as we grow


"Like Us" on Facebook to be kept up-to-date on the latest from Good Game via the world's biggest social networking site.


Follow us on twitter to keep in touch with us through everyone's favourite insta-news service.


Subscribe to us on Youtube to see videos of the latest GG events.

User Navigation

Life can get a whole lot easier if you know where you’re going

Quick Navigation

A great alternative to using the regular navigation bar - you can get to the places you want to go much quicker without having to click through multiple pages.


This is a good way to keep in contact with friends and communicate to clans if you want something more personal than
the forums.


Making good posts that are popular with members, no doubt will be ‘Liked’ - this should keep you
up-to-date on your popularity.


A quick way to access and manage all your profile, settings, personal information, friends, blogs, content or simply tell people “What’s on
your mind”?

View New Content

If you haven’t been around for a while or are just looking to catch up with the latest
ongoings, this is probably the best way to get up-to-speed with what’s being discussed in our forums.

Navigation Bar

If using the Quick Navigation isn’t your cuppa, there’s always the Navigation Bar to find your way around the site quick and easily. SITREP is also stationed clearly to get fast access to the latest news, tourneys and events happening in the ANZ region.


Primarily used for digging deeper into the forums for specific interests.

Footer Navigation

General site related information, external links, legals and all that hoohaa


Find out who’s part of the team and what their involvement is in keeping the Good Game Australia & New Zealand engine pumping.

About Us

As titled, here you’ll find information on what our goals are what we’re all about.


Browse all of our current members in this handy and searchable list.


More details above but it’ll be an integral part of our site.

Gaming Sites

Directory to all the e-Sports and Competitive, Social, Gaming News and Reviews and Publisher and Developers.

Clan Directory

Find all the clans around that we know of with links to their websites and social networks.

Site Guide

This page, a rundown or overview of the features and structure of
our site.

Privacy Policy

Important message about how we treat your personal information.

Terms of Service

Detailed legal information which should hopefully keep us out
of trouble.


If there is an issue or concern, raise a ticket. We’ll be more than happy to help out.


Tell us what improvements you think we should make to give you a better experience on the site.

Contact Us

General, competitive & events,
staff application, advertising
or sponsorship, please raise
a ticket here.

Chat Bar

Socialising on the fly

Once you've 'friended' someone, you'll be able to keep in touch through the chatbar - see who’s online, chat to friends or plan strategies in a group chat.