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Good Game ANZ going to EB Expo 2014

Aug 29 2014 02:04 AM | GraphicX in Feature Articles

Good Game Australia and New Zealand will be visiting the EB Games Expo in Sydney to get a preview of some of the exciting titles out in October and November!

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Destiny: Impressions from the Beta

Jul 28 2014 02:57 AM | I_live_4_fun in Feature Articles

Bungie's latest Destiny Beta build has brought forth an impressive slice of content for eager fans and prospective buyers to experience on the Xbox and PlayStation home consoles. As the Beta slowly comes to an end today, let us take some time to appreciate some of the things that the Destiny Beta has presented to us so far and speculate on what more we could hope and expect the full game to deliver on its much anticipated September 9th release date.

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Games to Watch, July to September 2014

Jun 30 2014 03:04 PM | WalrusKing in Feature Articles

July to September of 2014 sees a fantastic range of new games gracing almost all of our favourite gaming platforms. With RPG's ranging from Sacred 3 and Tales of Xillia 2 to sports games, Destiny and some much anticipated re-releases coming to current-gen consoles, there is definitely plenty for everyone to get excited about in just the next few months.

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Games to Watch, April to June 2014

Mar 31 2014 04:07 AM | WalrusKing in Feature Articles

The next three months of gaming are filled with some huge action and adventure titles scattered with a classic racer and some old-school, intense shooters in the mix. Q2 2014 undoubtedly brings a good balance between brand new IPs and exciting game sequels that are sure to keep you on your toes no matter what your favourite gaming platorms are.

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PS3 Games to Watch, October to December 2013

Sep 30 2013 04:15 AM | WalrusKing in Feature Articles

The PS4 might be just around the corner but the PS3's not done yet either. As has been the case for each of Sony's home consoles, there are still plenty of great games to play on the PS3 up to and past the launch of the next generation.

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