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Grip-it Review

Jul 28 2015 09:55 AM | Aromaci in Feature Articles

Aromaci wraps his thumbs around the new Grip-it controller accessories, designed to improve your gameplay and protect your controller.

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Games to Watch, July to September 2015

Jun 30 2015 01:54 PM | spectre51 in Feature Articles

Q3 the calm before the onslaught of big name releases in Q4. Q3 sees a few big name releases looking to get in the slower middle months with Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain the main Headliner this quarter with all 4 platforms also seeing exclusive titles released on them.

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Games to Watch, April to June 2015

Mar 31 2015 09:30 AM | spectre51 in Feature Articles

Q2 sees the arrival of some much anticipated titles and remastered games coming to as we approach the second half of the year. With big titles such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Batman: Arkham Knight and Project Cars taking the spotlight, this will surely be a very busy gaming period for many gamers.

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Games to Watch, January to March 2015

Jan 10 2015 10:44 AM | spectre51 in Feature Articles

The first Quarter of 2015 brings several new high profile IPs convering both Single and Online gamers across a variety of genres. Q1 one also see two Resident Evil titles dropping along with a handful of remake/HD releases.

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GoodGame.net.au Community Game of the Year 2014

Dec 17 2014 02:52 PM | spectre51 in Feature Articles

Like last year the winner was out in front of the pack and should come as no surprise to those who visit the GG regulars while the runner up spots again like last year were more closely fought, resulting in a 3 way tie for 2nd place between 3 very different games.

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