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Blue & Red PS3 Slims to come to Australia

Posted by GraphicX , 06 February 2013 · 1,640 views

Blue & Red PS3 Slims to come to Australia I know, you're all awaiting news on the new console & this isn't it.  Hell, not only isn't it the news you've been waiting for, but it's news you probably couldn't care less about.  But it's news so here tis;

Sony have officially announced that Australia will be receiving coloured PS3 slims as per other countries such as the UK.  They'll be on sale at 'select stockists' from 21st February 2013.

Posted Image

Posted Image

The colours are Azurite Blue, which if anything like the present blue DS3 will look schmick with a bit of subtle glitter & Garnet Red.  At this time Sony have not confirmed if the new red version is faster, but it sure does look quicker.

Source: au.playstation.com