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Good Game Australia & New Zealand Community Rules

At GG we're about people enjoying themselves online, either participating in competitions or events, or sharing thoughts on the forums and via the chat bar. Rather than have a hundred different rules, the one we want everyone to focus on is respecting each other. For example:

    • If you happen to be the world's biggest Playstation fan, that doesn't make Pete with his Xbox any less of a gamer. Don't go jumping into Pete's Forza thread to say "Forza suxorz, GT5 rulez", or even "GT5 is better because of X, Y and Z". Pete and his mates want to talk Forza (an excellent game btw - this example is in no way meant to suggest one is better than the other), and you should let 'em. If you want to talk GT5 vs Forza, start your own thread and get into it, keeping it respectful and constructive. Personal or unfounded attacks will be moderated appropriately.
    • Just won a tightly fought contest in one of our comps and pumped and excited? If you're stuck for what to say, you could always use the name of the site ;). Do not tell the opposition they sucked or use other personal attacks. Everyone's here to have fun, the last thing you want is to be seen as a loser for how you go about winning, or to be disqualified for poor behaviour.

That's the big one - generally speaking, stick to the above and you'll get along just fine :). Keep in mind these other things as well though - we'll generally try and warn people first, but keep at it and you'll start racking up warning points if you do the following:

    • spamming is out - by all means say something, but repeatedly posting the same thing gets old quick.
    • inappropriate language/material - we're mostly adults at GG, and a little colourful language is fine, but don't go over the top, and refrain from the 'c' word. Do not be racist, sexist or obscene, or post pictures and the like to this effect.
    • signature violation - see the above - it's inappropriate if it's on the site, not just in a forum post. Keep the signatures appropriate.
    • abusive behaviour - differences of opinion are fine, abusing someone over it is not. There's no shame in agreeing to disagree. Do not harass or threaten anyone.
    • topic bumping - If there's an event you're holding and you want to remind people it's on tomorrow night or today, that's alright. If it's simply spamming a message to keep it on the front page, that's not.
    • impersonating a staff member or another member.
    • abusing site features - a lot of people have worked hard to create this place, and if you go posting Katy Perry videos in our Matches and Gameplay vids it won't end well.
    • posting images of other members without their permission.
    • linking or posting personal details of other members.
    • intentionally disrupting GG Events - this is outside of the site, but any intentional disruption or interference of GG Events (within the actual game) can also see you barred from the site.
    • hacking or sharing GG member accounts - you're entirely responsible for your own account, don't share it with people as what they use it for may result in you being punished. Likewise, ensure you keep your log-in details safe & password hard to guess.
    • Posting, linking, uploading or sharing of pirated videos or software (aka. 'wares') or any other illegal, or age restricted, software or videos.

Of course, for our competitions, make sure you check out our general competitive rules (as well as any tourney-specific instructions).