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Re: Trophy Hunting....

Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:20 pm

Got the Crash 1 plat/100% and Crash 2 plat. Gotta be honest they kinda sucked enjoyment wise, even playing through them the first time before getting into gems and relics, so many frustrations, think I'm too modernised for these old school less forgiving games. Slipping off edges, hitbox could be really shit sometimes and nowadays I just hate if you so much as nick something you die, fixed camera also feels so archaic now sometimes it seemed I just had no depth perception what so ever.

Crash 1 is harder, quite a few levels were roadblocks with the High Road being the worst even moreso then Stormy Ascent, just asked you to do so many precision jumps in a row to complete the level. Crash 2 still difficult but didnt get stuck on any levels for as long as a few in 1.

Anyways with those I surpass you in level now Axe. I wont be doing Crash 3 next while its known as the easiest decided to care about my 100th Platinum and have decided to make it Horizon: Zero Dawn, got the complete edition for Xmas plus its probably good for my sanity to give Crash as rest. 
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Re: Trophy Hunting....

Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:09 am

Great work Spec, and congrats on levelling up past me 8-).  Think Horizon: Zero Dawn a very good choice for a 100th plat - and deffo agree that avoiding games that make you rage is a good thing :).

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